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Wild Wisdom Journeys

Virtual Travel Adventures in Clarity, Focus & Direction 

What if Your Longing to Travel  Has Purpose & Meaning? 

During these relentlessly troubling and exhausting times, do you still long to travel to distant destinations? Not as an escape, but because travel enlivens and uplifts you.


Experiencing different people, cultures and countries opens your eyes to new ways of seeing and being in the world. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone and expands your capacity to navigate the unknown.


It evokes mystery ⏤ activating your imagination by showing you what's possible.


Clearly, these empowering perspectives and dynamic skill sets are useful in dealing with the pandemic and our uncertain and chaotic socio-political, cultural, and environmental realities.


What if a Far Away Place Has Pertinent Wisdom to Share With You?

I ask because I've received unexpected bone-deep knowing in Jamaica, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Cote d' Ivoire, Liberia, Egypt, Bali, and New Zealand. And, the virtual travelers I guide on Wild Wisdom Journeys in distant lands gain clarity, focus and insightful direction from distinctly relevant practical wisdom they receive and share with each other during their virtual adventures there.

It could be...

A place you visited, but never unpacked the significance of its meaning for you.

Or, a place you long to see, yet aren't even sure why you want to go there.

What if...

 You actually could retrieve the knowing such a place holds for you?

Share and receive meaningful insights that calm and energize you.

Experience clarity, focus and direction on a virtual travel adventure.

Gain an answer to the question disturbing your peace of mind.

See a simple elegant solution to the problem troubling you.


You could travel virtually with a small group of kindred fellow travelers

 ⏤ diverse leaders, change makers & intrepid entrepreneurs.



Experience an intriguing transformational travel adventure.

Without the hassles of airport security or COVID protocols.

Or the discomfort of hours inflight with face masks.

Instead, from the convenience of your home

on a computer, tablet or phone.

All this and...

Your guide on this virtual journey is Sylvia Warren | Travel Shaman

A world traveler who leads your Wild Wisdom Journeys 





You sit back, relax, and see with fresh eyes.

Experience and share wisdom you receive.

Feeling at ease, calm, and empowered,

You discover your best way forward.

Profound insights and new understandings activate inner shifts

in you ⏤ freeing you to engage in desired positive changes.























Next Travel Itinerary of Wild Wisdom Journeys

Travelers:  4-6 virtual adventurers


Destination:  Istanbul & the Silk Road

Virtual Experience:  Zoom ⏤ Join via computer, tablet, cell phone or Kindle

Virtual Departures:  Saturday, August 10; Saturday, August 17; Saturday, August 24, 2024 | 1:00pm-2:30pm PT / 3:00-4:30pm CT / 4:00-5:30pm ET ⏤ Three 90-minute journeys 

Travel Essentials:  Please have these with you during your virtual  journeys

  1. Travel Notes ⏤ small notebook & pen

  2. Travel Scent ⏤ flower, herb, incense, or essential oil

  3. Travel Stone ⏤ small rock or crystal 

Pre-Journey Check-In (start of the first 90-minute journey)

  • Welcome & Orientation

  • Traveler introductions & shares of desired outcomes

The Journey: Virtual Adventure via Istanbul Photo Playbook

  • Guided experience of travel images that transport you to Istanbul, Turkey.

  • You and your fellow adventurers look at the photos, ask questions, notice which images you feel drawn to discuss, and have conversations with the group about what they evoke in you. 

  • I ask questions about what you and the rest of the group notice and feel is significant ⏤ commenting to add value to your conversations.

  • Then we pause midway through your shared journey.

The In-Between (several days or a week)

  • Natural pause between the first and second leg of your journey to reflect on, fully take in and soak up your experience

  • Jot down in your Travel Notes what you notice ⏤ deeper awareness and understanding, new insights, fresh perspectives, inner shifts, practices or actions 


 The Journey Continues + Return & Mini-Debrief.  (90-minute journey)

  • ​​You experience more of 'being there' via a final series of images in the Istanbul & Silk Road Photo Playbook

  • You share in group conversations what stands out for you and what you notice about what captures the attention of your fellow travelers

  • Together, we look at the messages being revealed in your conversations and the individual and collective significance emerging from their meanings

The In-Between (several days or a week)

  • Natural pause between your return and unpacking of your journey to reflect on, fully take in and soak up your experience

  • Jot down in your Travel Notes what you notice ⏤ deeper awareness and understanding, new insights, fresh perspectives, inner shifts, practices or actions 

Unpack Your Shared Journey. (90-minute journey)

  • Group conversations / Wild Wisdom Circle about what has and continues to emerge from your virtual travel adventure

  • Connect the dots of your journey ⏤ themes, symbols, metaphors ⏤ to your desired outcomes

  • Discover subtle yet significant transformations you are experiencing in your life, leadership, and/or business as a natural consequence of your Wild Wisdom Journeys

  • Explore ways to integrate what you are taking away from this unique experience 

  • Assess and share the value for you in this virtual travel adventure

On Wild Wisdom Journeys...

The question you ask at the start of your virtual adventure gets answered.

A solution to the problem you've been struggling to solve quietly emerges .

In wild wisdom circle conversations you connect with

 diverse leaders, change makers, and intrepid entrepreneurs.

Your shared inner knowing reveals its relevance and

enduring usefulness in your conversations

as you journey together.

 So be bold!

Step into the wonder, awe, and effortless flow of Wild Wisdom Journeys.

Experience clarity, focus, and direction in unexpected, fun and

transformational moments of ease and grace.




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Ready to see your way forward and move in that direction?

Join Wild Wisdom Journeys

for a fascinating & fun small group

transformational virtual travel adventure.


"Everything that we're chasing on the outside is just showing us 
something on the inside that we're chasing." ~ Karen Clothier

Find what you seek  Sylvia Warren | Travel Shaman

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