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Feel Free to Thrive

You're smart, savvy, and committed to positive changes you feel called to make in the world. Your vision and values compel you to navigate complex problems that challenge your expertise and experience on multiple levels. So you look for better ways to create more meaningful and rewarding results with greater influence and impact. Now there is an easy, fun, uniquely personal and yet very effective way to discover the simple and elegant solutions you seek to make a powerful positive difference that matters. 

Wisdom Journeys for Women Leaders

Allow yourself to be completely transformed by your inner wisdom. ~Tim Kelley

Embark on Your Epic Journey 

Beyond Expectation...
Experience New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Feeling, Knowing and Acting

What deeper mystery in you is waiting to be expressed? What mastery yearns to be seen and heard heard now?


Let this untapped knowing reveal the invisible treasures cloaked in the challenges you face on your purposeful path.


See clear choices and simple solutions that emerge when you look at your indecision, complex problems, and uncertain outcomes through very different lens.


Experience a shift in the way you navigate difficult situations, people, and circumstances within and outside your control.

Learn how your amazing adventure in leadership is showing you ways to feel inner peace, while fully present in those uneasy moments of unexpected change and disturbing upset. 


Discover significant meaning, unexpected value, and surprisingly fruitful practices―ready to become your powerful allies. Delight in the difference.


Let Wild Wisdom Journeys bring you into harmony with your uniqueness. Explore and discover with ease and grace new ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, knowing and acting. Allow these shifts in clarity, insight, way-finding, inspiration and impact to transform you and your epic leadership. 


Turn Tough Choices into Great Decisions


When you feel stuck, confused, uncertain and exhausted...


Or, perhaps you need to decide about a new opportunity, yet you doesn't feel comfortable or clear, and you're not sure why.


  • What if you could stop agonizing over difficult decisions, and instead make calm confident choices?


  • What if you could quit second-guessing yourself and banish doubts that keep you feeling confused and uncertain?


  • What if you could stop trying to figure out what to decide, and instead see the best options and next steps?


These changes may not seem likely in high tension moments when you need them the most.


Yet there really is a surprisingly easy, fununiquely personal and transformational way for you to turn your tough choices into smart decisions.


That's part of the treasure you'll discover on your Wild Wisdom Journeys. You'll also experience the deeper mystery and truth ready to be expressed in your business, leadership and life.



Remove Limitations Stopping or Derailing Your Progress


Maybe you realize how stuck you are in a challenging situation. Because you've tried a lot of techniques and tools to change it, you're really not sure what will relieve the dis-ease this is causing in your leadership, business or life.


If you struggle with limitations and the derailing of your progress in business or as a nonprofit leader, you are not alone. Yet when you experience the deeper truth and mystery revealed on your Wild Wisdom Journeys, you see your next steps clearly. Energized and empowered by a richer version of yourself, you boldly take decisive action.


Transform Problems into Simple Elegant Solutions


If you're a conscious change agent, you've experienced those transcendent moments when things come together and you're in a slip stream of sychronisticity.


Yet you find yourself stuggling with a stubborn problem. And, you've done everything you know to do―ask peers, colleagues and mastermind members, consult mentors, use techniques and tools that worked in the past.


Nothing you try is translating into successful action.


Now there is an easy resistance-free way to source the rich wisdom within this problem so simple elegant solutions are revealed to you.


Wild Wisdom Journeys take you effortlessly into the deeper meaning and practical value in your significant leadership and business challenges. During your virtual experience clarity, under-standing and next steps emerge in seeminglysurprisingly unexpected ways.


Fascinated, you look at the world through different lens, expand your awareness and sense of what is possible. This shifts your consciousness. As a result, you see answers and solutions that previously eluded you.

Client Experiences & Results


International team members of a global organization tell you in their own words about breakthroughs they experienced on Wild Wisdom Journeys.



Leading with Team Strengths...


  • Instead of 'traditional' team building, these virtual travel adventures took us out of our everyday routine and environment—allowing our unique observations, ideas, and underlying team issues to  emerge organically. This helped us embrace and support each other's strengths in the ways they overlap and the ways they differ.


  • I gained a deeper appreciation of my own leadership style as well as the many ways in which strengths and skills of my core team members complement each other.


  • The Victoria Falls virtual experience helped me to approach decisions and issues more objectively, and also to seek different or complementary perspectives more than I have in the past.


  • I didn't expect as much of a 'breakthrough' in terms of the ways team members understand each other and engage. It was a pleasant surprise for us to move past 'entrenched ways of working' that I'm not even sure we previously recognized as a blockage.


  • I value the extent to which the journey uncovered things about myself and the team that I hadn't  even recognized or fully appreciated. It helped me to understand my own entrenched styles and how others approach their work. Appreciation of these differences allowed me to see and focus on our strengths.


  • This pleasantly surprising experience helped me affirm my strengths and see them in interaction with the strengths of other team members.


  • The Victoria Falls virtual adventure showed me how I could take a multi-perspective outlook on issues and challenges to allow a full picture to emerge before I arrive at conclusions.


  • The journey helped me see what I previously regarded as a stumbling block instead as an opportunity to look at some of the issues I'm facing from a fresh perspective that facilitates growth.


  • I feel able to make decisions and assess situations in a much 'lighter' way. Before the journey, I expended a lot of energy trying to 'figure out' how to use my strengths. Now I understand that because they were easy for me I was taking my natural strengths for granted when they were already being demonstrated. 


  • In unexpected ways I am now able to appreciate my team members' perspectives and strengths, as well as my own.




Busy leaders of their own businesses talk about game-changing shifts they experienced on Wild Wisdom Journeys.


From Fear to Decisive Action...


On a guided Victoria Falls virtual adventure I experienced a powerful breakthrough in decision making.


Now 'Fear' is my friend. I welcome its presence as a motivator, driving force, and (even) encourager in my business. 


With 'Fear' beside me, I find myself moving forward to face new and welcomed challenges. That's because I also discovered the deeper truth that boldness and courage are also my steadfast companions. Yeeesss!


I love the unconventional approach of Wild Wisdom Journeys. The calm confidence evoked by the experience easily shifted me into making better decisions. 


As a virtual adventure guide, Sylvia has a very unassuming way of connecting people to higher levels of consciousness. That's when my decision breakthrough happened. ~WendyY Bailey, Master Business Coach, CEC, C.NLP

From Overwhelm to Balance...


Life as an entrepreneur, mother and wife constantly challenges my sense of productivity, inner peace and balance. Although I want the flexibility of working for myself so I can spend more quality time with my young daughter, I feel the pressure to generate projects that ensure income and find it hard to concentrate in the few hours a day available to work on my projects. 


Although I'm very disciplined with my calendar, I often feel out of balance and disorganized because I'm keeping so many balls (child, family, business) in the air at the same time. Nothing seemed to give me the time, space or tools to deal effectively with this persistent sense of overwhelm.


On my virtual adventures in Rotorua, New Zealand, I recovered my sense of direction, and found a way to think about what I'm doing right now without feeling overwhelmed. 


Three treasures emerged from the truth of my journey in business and life.

  1. Trust and value my own wisdom.

  2. Look for simple elegant solutions in the sweet spot of my inner wisdom, depth of expertise and experience.

  3. Understand and appreciate that 'going with the flow' does not mean the flow will be smooth or soft.


The images, stories and virtual travel experiences of Wild Wisdom Journeys innovatively teased out my worries and concerns. This freed me to discover themes, metaphors and symbols that gave me a greater sense of what is possible in my busy world. 


With Sylvia as my guide, I unpacked the meaning, messages and practical next steps that my journey revealed. ~Guadalupe Mendoza, Nonprofit Consultant, Mexico City

From Struggling to Flourishing in Business...


For years, I struggled with making my business profitable. I tried several marketing tactics, asked for referrals, received and implemented advice from leading experts. My business stayed the same—just enough to pay my bills, but never enough to get ahead or to feel like I could relax. I was under constant pressure and anxiety. My clients were always happy and they referred new clients, but whenever a new client would show up, another would complete the work we were doing and move on.


For a while, I knew something was hidden in my core that I did not understand, and that I didn't really want to know. So I busied and myself distracted myself with new ideas, always avoiding the core issue. Finally, my business started declining and I was scared and broke. 


I went to an energy healer who did some amazing work, but nothing changed. I did my own work nearly everyday, journaling and clearly my energy. When speaking with a friend about the issue, she asked what could be causing it. My immediate response was, “It seems like it’s a past life issue.” Now, if you know me, that’s not my normal language. I had never given much thought to past lives and I didn’t know why those words came out of my mouth.


A few days later I ran into Sylvia at a conference and heard her speak about her Wild Wisdom Journeys. So I approached her. I thought I’d tried everything else. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous, but I was also desperate. I chose Chichen Itza as my virtual adventure, and together we began what turned out to be for me a truly epic journey


Sylvia did a masterful job of guiding me through the experience. I felt like I was actually there as we focused on a series of images in her Chichen Itza photo playbook.


Then I saw an image that sent a chill shooting down my spine. Instantly, I was transported to another time where I was standing on the Platform of Venus with human blood running over and down my arms. I knew then that I had found my past life core issue. I had misused my power in a previous life as a high priest in the Mayan culture, and everything I was experiencing in my current life and business was linked to this horrible past. 


Without hestitation Sylvia guided me in a forgiveness and cleansing ritual with the women in my vision. One after one, they came up to me, washing me with buckets of water from sunset to sunrise. 


Thousands of women came to me to forgive me for taking their children from them. Each one forgave me. And, when I felt the sun come up, I fell to my knees sobbing and said, “I can finally forgive myself.” 


While this felt like an eternity in my vision, it was only a few minutes of my journey. Tears streamed down my face as I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. I knew it was over. I knew past transgressions from a previous life that I didn’t really understand were finally no longer coloring my experience in this lifetime. I felt free. Liberated.


I am forever grateful to Sylvia for guiding me through this mysterious experience. It may sound bizarre and unbelievable, and somedays it seems like a weird dream, but my business is now flourishing and I relax knowing that my efforts aren’t being wasted. Prospective clients respond well to my marketing and business revenue is increasing


Only weeks after this epic journey, it felt like a lifetime ago. If you feel like your past is somehow limiting your present or future, I hope my story inspires you to experience Wild Wisdom Journeys. ~Michael "Coop" Cooper, Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

 Epic Leadership Journeys


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