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My Big Why


We were born to thrive. For me, this is not a philosophical idea or pollyanna point of view. I know in my bones that thriving is our birthright. Yet we spend a lot of time not thriving, whether we're leading businesses, non-profit organizations, or our lives.


Change is often the culprit. Either we try to change something for the better or we try to cope with change that is not of our making. Although we're built to evolve, transitions and transformations feel unfamiliar. And, we find them disorienting and challenging.


What if, instead of disconcerting, the unfamiliar could become fascinating? Because... Struggle is seriously over-rated. And, transformation doesn't have to be painful. Without the stress of worry and doubt change can bring unexpectedly fruitful rewards.


That's why I created these Wild Wisdom Journeys. And, results of client journeys naturally support and inspire them to thrive.


Now there's an easy, fun, and uniquely personal way to turn your tough choices into great decisions and complex problems into simple elegant solutions. Discover the treasures hidden in the mystery and truth of your epic journey in business or work and life. Why? Because what I know for sure is...

You were born to thrive.

My Story


Early in life I found myself in a very foreign environment. My classmates spoke to each other in a language I didn't understand. The change was stark and shocking for me. Yet I had enjoyed spending my first 7 years in 4 schools in 4 different states. Until I ended up in a strict Catholic school where it didn't feel safe to ask questions, it had been easy for me to adapt to change because I had been experiencing and enjoying my own little great adventure.


Fortunately, nothing of value is ever lost. Innate curiosity led to my life-long love affair with travel. When I began to travel in earnest during my early twenties, I started to experience unexpected and timeless transformational moments in distant places. At the time, I wasn't sure what was happening. The specific messages I received were clear, but I had no context for deciphering their deeper meaning until many years later.


Now I know that I was experiencing inter-dimensional shifts in time and space―traveling between worlds on multiple levels. And, I learned first hand that travel made these transformational and enlightening shifts easy. 


These deep mysteries experienced during my travels seeded a birth that evolved into Wild Wisdom Journeys.

Your Wisdom Journey Guide

Wild Wisdom Journeys entice you to look at the world differently. Your mind is busy seeing unfamiliar sights and lingers over images of fascinating virtual environments. This experience evokes natural shifts in consciousness. Before you know it, themes, metaphors and symbols emerge to reveal simple solutions you didn't know existed.

"The best journey answers questions that, in the beginning, you didn't even think to ask."

~180 South (film)

Sylvia Warren, MBA
Conscious Change Catalyst
Travel Shaman

I facilitate wisdom journeys for leaders in a rather unusual way. I guide them on 'tele-trips' to 'power places' linked to the decision or solution they seek. On these virtual travel adventures leaders see the world through different lens. Breakthrough a-ha's, a fresh sense of what's possible, and practical next steps naturally emerge from their uniquely personal and professional experiences of these profoundly powerful Wild Wisdom Journeys.

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