A Private Invitation

Do You Love to Travel?

Are You Spiritually Conscious?    

Have You Felt a Deep Connection in a Far Away Place?


A place you visited, but never unpacked its deeper relevance for you.

A place you long to see, yet aren't even sure why you want to go there.

What if you could retrieve the wisdom such a place holds for you?

Gain an answer to the question disturbing your peace of mind.

See a simple elegant solution to the problem troubling you.

What if you could travel virtually in this intriguing land?

With a small private group of kindred fellow travelers 

Experience a transformational adventure there.

Without the hassles of airport security.

Or the discomfort of hours inflight.

From the convenience of your

computer, tablet or phone.


What if your guide on this virtual journey is a Travel Shaman?

A wisdom guide whose Wild Wisdom Journeys invite you to

See with fresh eyes and experience inner knowing,

empowerment and activations — discovering

with ease your best way forward.

Together on Wild Wisdom Journeys,

we unpack what you and your fellow travelers

experience on this transformational virtual adventure.

You receive profound insights, new understandings, and inner shifts 

that mobilize power within you to engage in and effect positive changes.

The question you ask at the start of your virtual journey gets answered.

A solution to the problem you've been struggling to solve quietly emerges .

The soul connection you feel organically reveals its lasting usefulness to you. 

 As you share in the wonder, awe, transformation and natural abundance

of your small private group tele-trip, priceless unexpected treasures emerge.

Ready to see your way forward and move in that direction?

Join Wild Wisdom Journeys for a small private group transformational virtual travel adventure.


"Everything that we're chasing on the outside is just showing us

something on the inside that we're chasing." ~ Karen Clothier 

Find what you seek  Sylvia Warren | Travel Shaman 

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